Intro to Brant Cycling Club

The Brant Cycling Club was established in 2014 when a group of local residents got together to discuss the feasibility of a cycling club in Brantford / Brant. The need for such an organization in the area quickly became apparent. With a strong group of volunteers and a great deal of support from the community, the club incorporated in April 2015.

We are a grassroots, volunteer based organization that is focused on enhancing the cycling culture in Brantford / Brant. To achieve our strategic goals, the club relies on building volunteer support and organizational capacity to expand our schedule of group rides and other events.

We are very appreciative and proud of the many partnerships our clubs has formed and look forward to continuing to work with likeminded individuals and organizations.


The Brant Cycling Club aims to be a leader in the community by working with likeminded individuals and organizations to foster a vibrant cycling culture in Brantford / Brant that will engage locals and attract visitors to the great cycling in this area.

We are respectful of all trail users, motorists and other stakeholders, including one another. We believe in community building through volunteering our time and efforts to make Brantford / Brant a healthy and exciting place to be.

Mission Statement

The Brant Cycling Club brings together cycling enthusiasts of all levels and styles through high quality activities and events that promote cycling in Brantford – Brant.

Primary objectives:

  1. Offer various types of group rides
  2. Introduce
    youth to mountain biking
  3. Advocate for cycling friendly policies
  4. Participate in professional trail building and maintenance
  5. Build organizational capacity