Greg Kempa – PRESIDENT

Greg was bitten by the cycling bug just a few years ago. Since then he’s been spotted frequently on the rail trails around town, on the roads in the north end of town and hanging out with the club as a regular Wednesday night group leader. The high point of his cycling career thus far: cycling the Cabot Trail with his daughter Alex. 


Greg harbors a lifelong enthusiasm for cycling in which he has packed his children books and snacks into a bike trailer so he could integrate his children and himself in cycling. As a member of the Board of Directors he hopes to help create a safe, friendly, and supportive environment in which everyone can further develop their skills and enjoy the camaraderie of their fellows. A firm believer of the N+1 philosophy of cycling Greg has a bike for every occasion and is always ready to ride anytime, anywhere, with anybody.

David Leng – SECRETARY

Kyle Orrick – TREASURER

Maureen Bursey – DIRECTOR

Jennifer MacDougall– DIRECTOR

Jennifer has always pursued maintaining a healthy active lifestyle in a variety of ways, including  her career in community health care for the past 28 years. Inspired by her spouse’s passion and achievements in cycling, she decided to take up cycling 6 years ago as a way to stay fit and explore the outdoors, She has had no regrets since! Cycling has introduced another way to spend time together with her spouse and created an opportunity to expand her social circle with other cyclists! Since joining the Brant Cycling Club 3 years ago, Jennifer has been both inspired and impressed by the enthusiasm, commitment and progress of the Brant Cycling Club. The obvious support and integrity shown towards the old and new membership is welcoming and she is looking forward to contributing more actively to help strengthen and promoting the cycling culture in the Brantford community. 

Scott Moore – DIRECTOR

Scott spent years as a passionate cyclist, transitioning from single track to road over the years.  Due to life happening, he all but stopped riding.  About three years ago, Scott reconnected with the sport and hasn’t looked back!  As a member of the Board, Scott enjoys spending time on the road as a ride leader and generally being involved in promoting the sport he loves so much. For Scott, riding holds a special place for him and he is an advocate for traffic safety, the feeling of freedom cycling gives to youth and the mental and physical health benefits it provides.


Duncan is a passionate advocate of cycling, the environment and community building. With 15 years business experience in the insurance industry, he is well versed in risk management, strategic planning and governance. He is active in the community, sitting on multiple committees/boards and has coached many youth sports over the years. Duncan competes at an elite level in a variety of endurance sports and is a two time qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.