Can I ride with the group without purchasing a membership or insurance?

Once – you may participate in one “Try-A-Ride”. A signed OCA waiver is required to participant. If you want to join the group roads after your “try-a-ride”, then you must purchase a group membership and insurance and being it with you the next ride.


How old do I need to be to join?

With the exception of family events/rides, we ask that all riders be 15+. Parental consent is required to purchase OCA insurance for riders under 18 years old.


What mechanical bike knowledge do I need?

Every rider must be able to supply their own repair kit that includes spare tube, pump or CO2 cartridges, and multi-tool. Every rider must able to maintain appropriate tire pressure, change their own tube with relative ease and make adjustments to seat height.


What kind of bike do I need?

Road rides/event require a road bike. Please no riding on Tri-bars. Rail Trail rides can accommodate hybrid, cyclocross, fat bikes, and mountain bikes. Destination Mountain Bike rides require fat bikes or mountain bikes, or cyclocross bikes depending on your skill and comfort.


What if I can’t keep up with the group?

All of our group rides adhere to a No-Drop policy, meaning that we will leave riders behind without their consent. We encourage you to read through the ride descriptions thoroughly to best place yourself in an appropriate group.


How do I know what hand signals or words to use when riding in a group?

Please refer to our group ride guide for all of this information (link to ride guide).


Am I required to be a BCC member to participate in any of the “Special Events”?

While we do not require you to have a BCC membership to participate in the Special Events; we certainly encourage it though! We DO require however, that a rider holds valid OCA insurance to participate in all BCC organized/sanctioned Special Events.