Group road riding is an excellent way to develop smooth biking handling skills, as well as increased fitness stamina and power. While on the roads, all group riders represent Brant Cycling Club and are therefore committed to adhering to the Group Ride Guidelines. Safe group riding takes practice, and requires a lot of cooperation and open communication.

We use quieter and the less traveled roads in the area from Jerseyville and Ancaster in the East; Burford and Waterford the West and to Paris, St George and Cambridge in the North.

Road bikes are necessary to participate in all group road rides. Please no tri (aero) bars.





Overview of Ride Schedule (All details can be found on the calendar)


These rides combines all three groups of riders (novice, intermediate, advanced). All groups will meet together and will split into 2-3 different versions of the route. The speed and distance varies for each group, see below description for the ride details. We aim to meet all back together at the end of the respective ride.


Ride Classifications


Group 1 – Novice

Group 1 is an ideal option for beginner riders, those new to road or group riding, or riders who are more interested in being outdoors with a great bunch of people rather than racing. This group will focus on learning and practicing the basics of group riding including signals, formation and communication. The terrain on route may vary, but the ride will re-group at set points. No drop.

  • Average Pace: 23-27km/hr, 25-40 km distance (Wednesdays, Social Ride Fridays)

number-2Group 2 – Intermediate

Group 2 is well-suited for those who have been road riding for at least a few years and are looking to increase pace, distance, or generally improve group riding skills. Participants should be comfortable learning how to ride and rotate in a group formation, both single file and two-abreast.

  • Average Pace: 27-31km/hr, 35-70km distance (Wednesdays & Sundays & Social Ride Fridays)

group 3Group 3 – Advanced

Group 3 rides are for seasoned, conditioned riders and racers who want to be challenged by mixed terrain, pack riding, sprints and tempo sessions.*Note: No rider is obligated to ride faster than they feel comfortable. We do not drop riders without their consent.

  • Average Pace: 32-37+ km/hr, 50-100km distance (Wednesdays & Sundays & Social Ride Fridays)

ladyladies ride night 2015Ladies’ Ride

Lady riders from all group levels welcome. This is a fun social ride to cover some kms while catching up with the ladies. There may be the opportunity to work on some training during these rides, if requested by the group.

  • Average Pace: 23-30km/hr (based on majority)
  • Typical Ride Distances: 35-45km
  • Meeting Locations: TBD