Youth Mountain Biking Program  “Sprocyouthkids”

Kids love riding bikes. Cycling gives them the feeling of freedom, excitement and opens a whole new world of possibilities.

The Sprockids Youth Mountain Biking program aims to teach kids the skills they require to ride safely and the confidence to reach their full potential on and off the bike. Participates also gain an appreciation of the benefits of being outside and living an active lifestyle.

Program Highlights

Who: The program is led by experienced club volunteers

What: Teaches kids aged 8–12 (preferably) cycling skills in a relaxed and FUN environment

When: Monday nights, June 4th–Aug 20th, 6:00–7:30pm

Where: The Rotary Bike Park, Rotary Centennial Waterworks Park,

390 Grand River Ave, Brantford, ON

How Much: $72 ($42 for Ontario Cycling Association Insurance & $30 for Brant Cycling Club membership)

To make the initial registration process as seamless as possible, we have put together the following checklist.

  1. Email to reserve a spot

2. Go to and register your child.

In accordance with Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) procedures, the waiver form must be printed, signed and returned to the OCA in hardcopy.Your child will not be able to participate without confirmation from the OCA that this has been received.

3. Photo/Imagery Permission Waiver: In order to be respectful of everyone’ s privacy, we are requesting permission to take and use photos of the program’s participants to be used occasionally on our social media, website and other mediums. If you are ok with this, please print, sign and provide to the program volunteer at the first session. If there are any concerns with this, please feel free to let us know and we can discuss further.

4. Rider’s Bike Check: A state of the art bicycle is not required for the program; however, a properly maintained and working bike is. We recommend a preventative inspection done by your local bike shop to ensure that your child’s bicycle is in a safe

condition for the program. Bikes that do not function properly are a safety concern and unfortunately, we cannot allow participants with unsafe bikes to participate. The BCC and its volunteers are not responsible for the state of the participant’s bicycle. It is the responsibility of the participant’s parents to ensure that their bicycle is properly maintained and safe.

5. Don’t forget your helmet, a water bottle and a small snack (energy bar)!

The sessions start off with 30-45 minutes of skills and drills, followed by a 45–60 minute ride through the trails at Rotary Centennial Waterworks Park so that participants can practice the skills they’ve just learned. On occasion, we will take the kids outside of Waterworks Park to ride to other destinations along the river. This will be discussed with the group to make sure that all parents are comfortable with this. BCC coaches will keep the group together and make sure that everyone is riding within their limits. Each session will build on the skills learned in the previous session.