Trail Development & Maintenance (TD & M) Committee 

Brantford and Brant County is blessed with a large amount of land that isIMAG1770
ideal for mountain biking trails. The role of the TD&M Committee is to work closely with local governments, conservation authorities, landowners and other stakeholders to obtain the required permissions to build and maintain cycling infrastructure, including mountain biking trails. Once approvals have been obtained and trail design is complete, the TD&M Committee will organize ‘work parties’ where local volunteers can come out to learn trail building skills and participate in the creation of local trail networks.

By ensuring that trails are sustainably built and properly maintained, the TD&M Committee will effectively manage the risks associated with mountain bike trails facing municipalities, landowners and related entities.

The TD&M Committee has a number of extremely passionate and experienced individuals who envision a wo
rld-class mountain biking experience in the Brantford / Brant area. We have the experience, passion and ability – all we are missing is the land and authority to make this a reality. If you’re interested in sitting on the Trail Development and Maintenance Committee we’d love to hear from you! Please send us an email (


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